You book online

It takes less than 5 minutes

We list your roof

A comprehensive tender document is posted on our platform

You receive quotes

It’s that easy!

What does Roof Quotes do?


RoofQuotes.co.nz is a platform that allows Auckland home owners and Auckland roofing contractors to match more effectively. Home owners can gather multiple re roofing quotes without having to organise a whole bunch of contractors to come around and measure their roof.

We make the quoting process efficient! For the roofing contractors and for you.

We remove the need for roofing contractors to advertise and drive around to get the work. After meeting with you we provide them with a detailed documentation of your roof specs, roof measurements, but also your specific needs and expectations. They get more information from us that they would normally gather themselves. there is no compromise for them nor for the house owner.


The 4 steps to getting re roofing quotes
with Roof Quotes Auckland

  • img1. You Book a measure-up
  • You choose a date and time and fill-in your details, along with a some basic info about your roof.

  • img2. We meet you at the property
  • We Inspect, Measure, and take pictures of your roof to prepare your listing. If you need advice we can also help you define the scope of work, what you’re after and what is best for your roof.

  • img3. We list your roof on our platform
  • We put together a document with everything roofing contractors need to quote your roof. Accurate measurements, pictures of the roof and surroundings,… It’s all there so roofing contractors don’t waste their time.

  • img4. Roofing contractors send you their quotes
  • No driving around! No missed appointments! No frustration! There is no resource waste! Verified Licensed Building Practitioners send their quotes straight through our platform. This is as efficient as the quoting process can get, without compromise!