Listing 0016

Listing 0016 – Gye needs a new roof for his Lynfield house

Success fee : NZD 550.00 +GST

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Area: Lynfield, Auckland

Time-frame: Before Christmas if possible, or early next year

Scope of work overview:

✔ Full reroof of the main roof and garage roof with secret-fixed roofing.

Option 1: 0.55mm Traditional trough section roofing (Steel & Tube HI RIB profile for example, or equivalent)

(Option 2: 0.55mm Metalcraft ESPAN 470 profile) OPTION REMOVED, please use Option 1

✔ Insulation of the House ceilings (skillion roof with very small cavity).

 ✔ Edge protection/Scaffolding/mobile platform as required (Supply, Erection, Removal)

✖ None of the polycarbonate roofing is included

(Please refer to the pdf document for the detailed scope of work and drawing)