Re Roofing, Roof Repairs or Roof Painting?

Your Roof Needs Attention? Re Roofing, Roof Repairs or Roof Painting?

Roof restoration can be achieved by re roofing, which is a full roof replacement, or roof maintenance such as roof repairs, roof cleaning or roof painting. If you own a house in Auckland with an ageing roof you probably though about getting it cleaned and painted to restore its original look. A new roof is not cheap and you might be tempted to give it a lick of paint to make it look a million dollars again.
“you might be tempted to give it a lick of paint to make it look a million dollars again”

This article will help you decide what is best for your Auckland Roof and tell you why the money you might spend in roof cleaning, roof painting and eventually roof repairs might not go a long way.

(The guidance provided here is valid for any metal roof such as long run roofs or decramastic roofs as well as concrete tile roofs)t

“If you suspect that your roof is leaking you need to take action rapidly”

When it comes to roof restoration there is a time for roof repairs, a time for roof painting and a time for re roofing. There is a lot of roofing contractors in Auckland offering a different range of services. Wether they do roof painting, roof repairs or re roofing, they all swear by what they do and they will try to sell it to you.

In this guide we try to provide comprehensive guidance based on our experience to help you make the right call.

There are two main questions you should always ask yourself before going ahead with any roof restoration work

First: Is your roof leaking?
And: In what condition is your roof?

Use the following chart to identify what is best for your roof:

“If your roof is leaking, roof painting should be at the very bottom of your list of priority”

If you suspect that your roof is leaking you need to take action rapidly. The weather can be unforgiving in Auckland and even small leaks that you won’t notice from inside the house will damage you roof purlins, battens and trusses if left unattended. Bigger leaks will lead to mouldy ceilings, ceiling sag and eventually ceiling collapse under the weight of pooling water.

Consider you motivations, the overall condition of your roof and your budget to make a choice between the three following options:

Roof Painting Auckland

If your roof is leaking, roof painting should be at the very bottom of your list of priority. You should mainly consider roof painting for aesthetic reasons, if you want to make your roof look new or change your roof’s colour for example.

To get quality, durable roof painting results, the roof has to be thoroughly cleaned prior painting. Water blasting and foot traffic will likely damage an ageing roof wether it is a metal roof or concrete tile roof. If you’re roof in in bad condition, roof painting is not the answer. You should only consider roof painting if your roof is in solid condition.

Roof painting is not bad, in some cases it can even be a great alternative. In Auckland, good roof painting contractors use excellent products that will act as a protective weather proof layer and provide a durable, beautiful finish if applied correctly. The roof has to be be made free of rust, moss or dirt! It’s great on a strong, healthy roof!

Roof Repairs Auckland

Roof repairs is often the only option by default for Auckland owners who can’t afford re roofing. Our experience shows that repairs are rarely the most cost effective option though.

In most cases when a roof starts leaking, it’s had enough. If the roof is in bad condition roof repairs will only delay an unavoidable full re roofing. Foot traffic on a weak roof will eventually make it worse and create leaks somewhere else. Its a vicious circle!

“Roof repairs is often the only option by default for Auckland owners who can’t afford re roofing”
Choose roof repairs to remedy an anomaly. Here’s a few examples:

  • At tree fell on your roof
  • Roof design issues or poor craftsmanship are affecting the good functioning of the roof
  • A specific area of the roof has deteriorated faster (usually around a chimney or a penetration) but the rest is still in good condition.

In these cases roof repairs is your answer! It won’t cost you an arm and a leg and it will considerably extend the life of your roof.

“Foot traffic on a weak roof will eventually make it worse and create leaks somewhere else. Its a vicious circle!”

Re Roofing Auckland

If you’re roof is in bad condition or very old you need a roof replacement or re roof. You will find that any money you spend trying to avoid re roofing isn’t getting you far. If re roofing is a big investment, it is often the option with the best Value for Money. If it’s done right!

In the quest for a new roof Auckland house owners face the following challenges:

Roofing in Auckland is expensive

There is a very high demand for roofing in Auckland. A roof, (metal, concrete or shingles) will only last a few decades. In a fast growing city like Auckland it is hard to imagine the roofing contractors running out of work any time soon.

Roofing contractors face challenges of their own like quality staff shortage and increasingly restrictive health and safety requirements. It kills a lot of new companies in the egg while the ones that managed to put a good little structure together thrive on the abundant demand.

Prices are high but if you choose your roofing contractor carefully you usually get what you pay for. In Auckland, good roofing contractors have no reason to price low. If you get a quote that seems a bit too cheap WALK AWAY!

A lot of factors can affect the price of re roofing a house. Auckland house owners often overestimate the influence the roof size on the price. The products used and the intricacy of the roof design can have a massive influence on the price. An intricate 100m² roof can cost more than a simply designed 300m² roof.

Auckland Roofing Contractors are really busy

As we just mentioned, Auckland roofing contractors are in high demand. The ones with a bit of a good reputation are usually FLAT OUT! Some might even turn you down saying that they can’t take on any more work at the moment.

Because the demand for re roofing is so high, Auckland roofing contractors get to pick and choose. When you’re busy the time factor becomes critical, they want to be in and out so they’ll prioritise the easy straight forward roofs. If your roof is a little bit intricate and likely to be labour consuming, you will feel it in the price, A LOT! Not because quality labour is expensive but because quality labour is rare!

To get a more reasonable re roofing quote you might have to do a bit of research. If you can’t afford the top dogs you’ll have to dig a bit deeper. There is plenty of small, quality contractors out there who want the work. There’s nothing wrong with them but they just don’t have the means to be visible. You won’t find them on google’s first pages because they don’t have the budget or SEO skills to get there. In the shade of well marketed companies they get their work through word of mouth.

So how do you find them? Well you can ask your friends if they know a good Auckland roofing contractors that’s not too busy. Or you can use our free service, here at

Because we make the work available to the smaller, less popular roofing contractors the marketing filter comes off. You get to choose from a wider range of roofing contractors, the big and the small.

You can book a measure-up here. We’ll come to measure your roof, talk to you and put a tender document together. Licensed roofing contractors will then be able to send you their quotes through our website.

Craftmanship Quality Can Vary

There is three main factors that will mainly influence the price quoted for a re roofing in Auckland:

1-Size of the roof

2-Complexity of the job (roof intricacy, access, …)

3-How busy the roofing contractor is

Knowing that there is a very high demand for roofing in Auckland there could be two main reasons for a Auckland roofing contractor not to be busy:

1-Bad or inexistent advertising

2-Bad service and poor craftsmanship

If the first one shouldn’t be a deal-breaker at all, the second can turn into your biggest nightmare!

To avoid the cowboys you just need to do a bit of research. Don’t look for all the cowboys doing roofing in Auckland, that would keep you busy for weeks. But if you get a quote from an Auckland roofing contractor you’ve never heard of, just google the company name and look for reviews?

It doesn’t take long for a bad roofing contractor to leave a trail of bad reviews from disappointed customers. If they’ve been around a while but you can’t find reviews, I’d take it as a good sign.

If you still have unanswered questions you can get in touch with us or read our other guides. Or book a measure-up to let us help you gather your re roofing quotes, It’s free!