Roof types

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What type of roof are you after?

  • Long-run roofing Auckland
  • Metal tile / decramastic tile roofing Auckland
  • Concrete tile/ terracotta tile roofing Auckland
  • Asphalt Shingle roofing Auckland
  • Membrane roofing Auckland
  • Roof Conversion Auckland
Long-run roofing Auckland

Long run roofing is the absolute kiwi favorite when it comes to roofing products in New Zealand. Lightweight, durable and cost-effective, It is the most versatile type of roofing with a wide range of profiles suitable for roof pitch 3° and over. Wether it is for commercial or residential, for cladding or for roofing, long run is found on most of Auckland’s buildings.

Metal tile / decramastic tile roofing Auckland

Metal tiles, pressed tiles, decramastic tile, those are many confusing names. What they are is simply a tile that is pressed out of sheet metal and is either painted or texture-coated. They usually imitate a solid tile or slate but modern metal tiles come in a vast variety of shapes and finishes.

Concrete tile/ terracotta tile roofing Auckland

Concrete tiles or clay tiles (Terracotta) are also quite popular in Auckland. Less affordable than long-run or pressed metal tile roofing, concrete or clay tiles do give a solid feel to a building. Concrete tiles and terracotta tiles tend to last longer than steel roofing as the tile itself will not deteriorate for decades if undisturbed. Also terracotta tiles will never fade as the colour is baked into the tiles. You will pay the extra price for a roof that will potentially last a lifetime.

Asphalt Shingle roofing Auckland

In North America asphalt shingles dominate the residential roofing market. In New Zealand it has been rather unloved and marginally used until the recents years. We now see entire Auckland developments proudly feature the product. Kiwis are getting used to the slick look of asphalt shingles and we can expect this type of roofing to keep growing in popularity.

Membrane roofing Auckland

Wether it is butinol or torch-on, membrane roofing products are are ideal for flat roofs, balconies and internal gutters. No fixings or silicone are required which reduces the risk of leaks in areas that are likely to hold a bit of water. Torch-on roofing and butinol roofing offer a great alternative for waterproofing intricate areas or complex roof shapes.

Roof Conversion Auckland

It is becoming common for Auckland property owners with a metal tile roof to get it converted into long run. The process is simple and most Auckland roofing contractors do the woodwork themselves. Converting an existing roof to an equivalent or lighter roofing system is usually easy and only involves minor structural modifications. You should always ask your council for approval and make sure that the structural modifications are well documented.