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Listing 0014

Listing 0014 – Long-run roof replacement for Kevin in Mount Roskill

Success fee : NZD 550.00 +GST

Due upon acceptance of your quote by the owner.

This listing has received 2 quotes

Area:  Mount Roskill, Auckland

Scope of work:

✔ Replacement of the main roof and attached garage roof with Colorsteel® Endura®, with underlay and all flashings to suit.

IMPORTANT: Please provide a price for 0.40mm base metal thickness, and a price for 0.55mm

Profile: trapezoidal profile to suit the main roof and garage pitch.

 ✔ Edge protection/Scaffolding or any other safety system as required (Supply, Erection, Removal)

Note that the height from the roof edge to the ground varies , but does not exceed 7 meters

✔ It is unsure wether or not there is currently insulation installed in the areas with no attic space, or if the insulation in the attic space meets the current Healthy Homes Standards. Please provide a rate per square meter for installing/upgrading insulation in compliance with the latest Healthy Homes Standards where necessary and practicable. Please note that the areas of the house with no attic space (pitched ceilings) cover approximately 35m², and the attic space of the house covers approximately 51m²


✖ The curved polycarbonate roof (bull-nose shape) is not included in the scope. Please do take into account that it may be an obstacle for the scaffolding / Edge protection

✖ The small, green, tin roof on top of the front door is not included in the scope

✖ The polycarbonate corrugated clear roof at the back of the house is not included in the scope

Listing 0013

Listing 0013 – This commercial unit in Mount Wellington needs a new roof, and the neighbours might be keen too!

Success fee : NZD 540.00 +GST

Due upon acceptance of your quote by the owner.

This listing has received 2 quotes

Area:  Mount Wellington, Auckland

Because of the complexity of the scope of works, we exceptionally decided to disclose the address and the owner’s details for this listing:

If needed, you may arrange a site visit to 218F Marua Road, Mount Wellington with Nigel (PH: 027 528 0237)

Scope of work:

Three nearly identical Units share a roof. We met with Nigel, the owner of the first unit of the row. This listing is for re roofing Nigel’s unit, up to the property line. Please refer to the pictures and pdf drawing for the detailed scope of works.

The other two owners will likely be willing to get their part of the roof replaced at the same time. Send a quote for Nigel’s unit and you could end-up winning three at once. Nigel has several leaks and is committed to get his part done regardless.

(Note that the success fee will only be charge once, even if the successful company ends-up re roofing the three units)